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I love Change.org, it's the most awesome site ever, really, despite how infrequently I actually use it. I'm only a member of about half the causes on there, but only because they're the most important and urgent to me. I can't really donate, though I really wish I could, and I don't often agree with the little letters to your senator actions, but overall it's a very useful site. I really think it could change the world.
One of the causes I'm a member of is animal rights. Now I know I will never see eye-to-eye with the radical animal rights activists, but I do agree with many of their aims, and the abuse of animals around the world disgusts me. I believe animals do deserve many of our same rights, and that no animal, human or non-human, deserves to suffer, and that there is no such thing as needless suffering. I do not, however, agree with everything they consider "suffering". Without going into extreme detail, I will say one of those things is dying.
To die is not to suffer. We are all going to die someday. It's going to happen. Suck is up and get the fuck over it. What's more, it's not just us, it's every other thing on this planet. Even the mountains will someday "die" as they are destroyed by the forces of nature. Hell, this whole planet will be destroyed one day. And guess what? Many deaths will be at the hands of other living things. Yep. No matter what species you are, you're still in danger of something besides old age and the swine flu killing you.
In the rest of nature (and I say that because no matter how highly you think of yourself, humans are totally natural baby) this is usually pretty damn brutal. It's extremely gory, blood everywhere, and can take a while. Still, mother nature does take pity on those breathing their last breaths; adrenaline makes the whole thing pretty painless, physically. There's still the mental trauma of spending your last moments terrified.
But it happens, and it's nobody's fault really, the organizational unit that is the animal, can't help it. It needs to eat, and killing things is just how the smaller bits of it decided that was going to happen. Our DNA is really a total ass.
But dying is suffering apparently. And I kill things all the live-long day. My entire day is filled with murder. Joy-filled, delicious murder. And I don't think that makes me any less of an animal rights activist. I don't think it makes me a bad person even. And I don't think I should have to listen to that jack-ass who does the blog for the Animal Rights cause slam me all day for being a hypocrite or just plain not really an animal rights advocate. I don't think I should get told all fucking day what a horrible person I am and how I don't really care about the animals.
Some of us have dietary restrictions. And while I could take handfuls of pills I can afford even less than the pricey meat right now a day, and have to run like I'm training for the Olympics just to keep my 5'2" ass under 200lbs. for all the peanuts I'd have to eat, I'd much rather make all the little animals "suffer" for me. Because yeah, I am selfish, and they fucking are too.
And I do hate the way factory farms are run, and the way domesticated animals are treated, but I really do do all I can to stop that. It's just hard to stand in a crowd of people who hate you and try to protest with them. It's hard to volunteer for organizations when you don't conform to all their rules and see you as the enemy. But I send off the little e-mails to my governor and rack up those gratifying action points, and someday I know I'll have enough money to donate bundles to these organizations who hate me so every year. And in the meantime I'll adopt a kitty, and when I have a set schedule I'll volunteer at the shelter.
And yeah, I'll keep eating meat. And someday, something will get to eat me, even if I die of old age. I just hope I'm tasty. I have been fattening myself up lately.
I just have one final message for all the vegetarians and vegans: I envy you. I envy you every day of the fucking week. You can go to fancy restaurants and get absolutely gorgeous dishes that smell so wonderful, and are so full of flavors I've never even tasted. I can't even have onions on my hamburger. I hate meat so much anymore, though I crave it at least once a day. 5 more years and I'll hate it with every bone in my body. Sure there's the potatoes, and the carrots (though never cooked), and breads and cheeses. But the really good cheeses are so expensive. Not that meat is cheap. But bell peppers are such a beautiful color, and even guacamole looks like heaven. There's pineapples, and peaches, and eggplant. A purple food! Green foods even! I'm sure the color gets bland after a while. All that damn green, but it's so pretty to me. M&Ms are just not the same. The best I can say about my food choices is that I finally made it to spicy foods, beans and eggs. Imagine never being able to eat strawberries dipped in chocolate. Do you pity me enough yet to stop harking on me?
And I can't even freakin' comment cause I know it'll be deleted. Jerk.


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Nice post. You should do this more often.
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