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To the past! | To the future!

So it's been two years now since I've been in college, after my first two attempts failed, and the job market here sucks ass. I'm thinking of going back to try once again to finish my theatre degree, after 2 years of actually doing the job I had been going to school for. Not only would it help me be near the front of the line for any jobs that do open up, but I would be making twice as much, just for having that little piece of paper.
But I'm not trying to go back to the same school I left, and the local state school insists that anyone with more than 60 hours of classes from another school have their basics. Well I failed my basics, so I have to take them again at a community college. Just my English 102 and College Algebra.
Now, I've been in the work force actually doing the job I'm getting that little piece of paper for, and I've certainly been using math. Math is part of the "technical" in technical theatre. But I had to take the assessment (which is a California thing) to determine which class I'm ready for. There's several levels, and the College Algebra level is 4. Yeah, I flunked that class 3 times at K-State, but I passed high school math. And you would think that since I've been in the workforce doing what I'd be doing with that degree, that I'd be using the math I learned in high school at least.
I made it to level 2. Elementary Algebra. The crap I barely passed my sophomore year of high school. Apparently I haven't used this shit in 7 years and forgot it all. 7 years. 7 years of doing a job you can do just fine without a degree but get paid extra for if you have one, and I haven't used this crap once. But I absolutely have to have it for that fucking degree.
And we as a nation are striving so hard to make sure everyone goes to college, and nobody ever drops out of high school. Because everyone absolutely needs all this crap we try and shove in their heads. I just wish I could get a bachelors through unschooling.